okay so.. i’m getting so paranoid that i’m sick.  haha everyone’s sick..and i didn’t realize how many people i’ve been around that were sick until last night.  but i’m steering clear of people at school..i’m washing my hands.. taking in fluids.. i don’t have dustin’s symptoms, or my dad’s symptoms, so i hope i’m doing okay.  yesterday and last night i felt like puking so many times.. and i slept a lot, and i woke up today feeling the same way..so i’m just gonna hang around here and try to feel better until 4th period.  i would just stay home but i reeeeally have to get stuff together for scholastics.  arg.  and after school i’m supposed to make a video with jadie for tonight..then worship band practice..then trasn4m..and yeah.  i need to be healthy.  stress on the word “need”.

i want snow again..

val and i went to the village and berean and quonset hut yesterday and she got the nu thang cd.  man oh man..

yo fellas

lets do dis


like brrrrrutus.

i will heart dc talk forever and ever. ahaha

->hi, my name is brandon and illness is dumb. i will not get sick.
listening to: Happy Christmas Vol. 2


6 thoughts on “

  1. im seriously going insane
    i almost started crying because my brain and has ceased working correctly. one more paper that my grade depends on… and one more extra credit paper that i need to do….


  2. I just happened to stumble upon your site and read down your survey and felt like saying props to you because you go to Jackson… I have about a billion kazillion shirts from there that I got from the wonderful Village Discount Outlet, and I greatly admire you for going there!


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