hi.  so this weekend turned out pretty well, i must say.  friday night was grood hanging out with nahhan and jadie and beef and larry.. i missed the other sarahs and jason, but we’ll have more times.  we played in the mall for a long time.  i knocked things over..oops..  then we went to borders and had storytime and i read books about potty training and teenage girl dilemmas (such as falling in ice and falling down steps and being at a dance and not knowing how to dance) to everyone in the kids section, and then this lady stood there staring at us with an evil eye and it was awkward, so we just stopped.  i wanted to say “if you want to sell these books, you shouldn’t care if someone reads them out loud in your store.”  oh well.

saturday i shopped all day with my sister..then went to my youth group’s party.  i missed out on jaejae’s party, but i still had fun.  it sounds like her’s so bad either though.   (happy early birthday again, you.)  but at my party we played some violent rounds of catch phrase and mad gab and spoons..and it was pretty fun/interesting/mademelaughtiliwannapee. 

today was church, it was grood..then jadie and i went to the mall since hannah’s didnt work out..we ran into bryce and nick and talked to them for quite a while..and then went to best buy.  i’m still not done with my shopping. ahhhhhh!  i think i’m going again tonight with my mom.  i was supposed to play in our kids christmas program at church, but i let my guitar in jadie’s car and i don’t feel that great anyways.  so yeah.

i wanna practice soon.  mmm i miss it.  it’s been 2 weeks.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m decking the halls.
listening to: twothirtyeight – el libro de recuerdos

s(teak)ara takes dirty pictures of butts.  (we were tying our shoes, i promise.)


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