mmm what a day.  it really was just good.  i got to record with hannah this morning, which was just fun..i did a version of hark the herald angels sing and angels we have heard on high that i came up with on the spot on piano, and i’m playing it at the Christmas eve service tonight (at 6:30 at forty corners church), so you should come.  it’s such a cool service.  then we went to taco bell and hannah’s and waited for sara and dustin.. then we went to the show.  the first 3 bands…yeah, i don’t even wanna talk about it.  man at the time everything was so hilarious and weird to me, and some really entertaining things took place, but i don’t know.  i worry about those people..they’re so lost.  and us Christians that just mocked them constantly.  i dunno..i don’t feel right about it now though.  but aaaanyways, into all the earth shoved out satan like least from the stage.  their sincerity and presence of God just gives me chills.  those guys have an amazing testimony, and are living it out so well.  we stayed until nick proposed (aww), and then had to leave so i could be at my church by midnight.. and man.  it randomly started snowing, and it was so perfectly pretty.  we just stood in a circle in the middle of a field as it snowed and i played guitar (don’t ever play guitar in the snow…man oh man it kills) and we sang and prayed and shared stories and just soaked in His presence.  i loved it. 

my life… so awesome.  everything about it.  it’s so good having my whole family here.  it’s so good being at church.  it’s so good being with my friends.  i seriously love you all so much.  God has seriously given me such better friends than i ever hoped for. 

and with that i wish you all a merry Christmas eve. 

->hi, my name is brandon and cold mashed potatoes are gross.
listening to: happy christmas vol. 1 -“o come o come emmanuel” by chasing furies


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