i’ve learned conviction is the hardest thing for me.  i shrug it off as nothing, and tell myself i’m fine.  but i’m not.  i’m not perfect.  i’ve done things and said things about people that i’m ashamed of.  i feel sick right now, thinking about how many times i’ve let satan use my mouth for pointless humor.  some of you might see it as okay, like i so many times told myself it was, but that’s not me.  it’s not who i want to be, and it’s not who God intended me to be.  i strive so hard to live a good testimony, but what good is it when i do things that put it all in vain? i hate that i’ve hurt people.  i absolutely hate the fact that i’ve acted the way i have about certain people and things in my life.

but this is the end.

i’m coming clean.


        Father, make me whole again
take my filth and wash me clean
                          do what You will in me
                             use what You’ve made in me
here as i fall down, i put myself in view
    i have failed to be a mirror pointed back at You
that You could see a glimpse of Your reflection in my life
                    on my knees, i cry out to You
                on my knees, i strive to know You
let my tears be signs of Your cleansing

+ these hands, what can they make for You?
+ these feet, where can they run for You?
+ this voice, what can it sing for You?
+ this life, what can it do for You?

i’m sorry.
i   a m   Y o u r s .


->hi, my name is brandon and this is a new beginning.
listening to: Jesus.


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