i like smiling. 

my Christmas was pretty much perfect.  in so many ways, i just really loved it this year.  it was different, but in a good way.  receiving things isn’t important to me anymore.  i really didn’t care.  all i wanted to do was give and make people happy.  this is the first year where i felt like the things that actually should matter did, and the things that shouldn’t matter didn’t.  and it was good.  the thing at my church on tuesday night was just cool.  wow God, thank You again for sending Your son to die for me.

friday dustin and i went to the mall and made cards for people.  that was pretty fun.. haha sitting in the food court coloring on construction paper with markers while eating chik fil-a.  haha.  we saw val and jaye, and that was fun.  then i went home and played games with my family alllll night.  then i had some much needed dealing with things last night.. but it’s all good now.  again, Jesus, You amaze me.

and todayyy..nothing really happened until sara picked me up, we got jeremy and went up to kt’s party.  oh how i loved being around my friends i was with tonight.  seriously, everyone who was there, i love you. haha.. it was fun.  catch phrase, yarn memory game, music, fooseball, pictures, pizza, cards, josh’s storytime, and whatever else.  so yeah.  josh and i tied at checkers twice (once with not losing any pieces, the second time with us both ending up with one piece left) i got to meet billy (surprise! haha) and sean tonight, and theyre both awesome kids.  yay for new friends.  ahh tonight just made me smile.  and i like that. 

tomorrow’s church..one more week of no school to worry about.  i think we’re practicing on tuesday, and that makes me giddy like a little girl. 

g’night kids.

-> hi, my name is catch phrase. bahaha.
listening to: the juliana theory – love


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