today was fun and a half.  jme came to my church, and afterwards she, jason, and i went and ate fazolis..then became the JBJ Paparazzi squad adn just went around town taking pictures and videos.  (including mafia man..oh yes.  we now have more video of him. haha)

then we stayed at jasons for a while and eventually hannah, jadie, sarah, sarah d, and s(teak)ara came over..we ate pizza, played games, watched videos, etc.. then went to starbucks, walmart (where dustin met us, yay) and perkins.. i drank a lot of water.  then later sara, jason and i went to giant eagle and just laughed at magazines.  i literally hurt from laughing.  rolling on the ground. tears.  i donevenoh.  but i get like that from time to time i guess. “EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH MAKES ME WANT TO PEE MY PANTS.”  bahahaha.

and so yeah.  i need to say something to anyone that may have noticed a change in me the past few weeks.  i was definitely blind to the fact that satan had gotten into me in the most subtle ways and worked in me to the point where at times i just wasn’t acting like myself.  i don’t know how it happened, but it did.  and i fell into this rut.  and did things that aren’t me.  and yeah.. it’s gone now.  friday night i broke down and had a pretty amazing awakening from God.  i just wanted to say sorry to everyone for not being myself.  God has wiped me clean.  He picked me up right where i left off and set me even higher.  and that amazes me. 

thank you and you for everything.  you know what i’m talking about.

->hi, my name is brandon and i feel good.
listening to: passion – sacred revolution


4 thoughts on “

  1. look i am still up :] bahahawow my sleep schedule is way off(pikshas are uppity)
    yay for God !!
    youdontcommentonmyxangaanymorebeefjerkyBUT I DON’T CARE CUZ I DON’T WANT YOU TOEWWWW DON’T EVER COMMENT ON MY XANGA AGAIN!!!
    -the steakinator


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