tonight.. practice.. after 3 weeks of not being able to.. and all i have to say is “yay.”  it felt so good.  thank You Jesus for what You’ve started. jme and allison came and watched us for a little bit.. so ask them what we sound like i guess. haha.. after they left, we played a little more and then just kinda went into this time of worship with just random praise songs for a really long time (but it didn’t seem like it at all.)  and yeah, that’s just been something i’ve needed for some time now.  i think we’re gonna try to do something like that all the time now.  so that’s cool.  ahh.. life is good.  i’m so happy to be on the right path again.

tomorrow’s new years.  i still dont know what i’m doing.

->hi, my name is brandon and i want to serve Him.
listening to: the evan anthem


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  1. hey brando….long time no see….man its been a while…hope things are going good for you. You as well as everyone else at forty corners are and will always be in my prayers…..have a good new years…..I hope to see you guys soon…I miss you all sooooooo much! buh bye


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