happy new year, kids.

so yeah, today was grood.  i went to (not) get books with dustin (malone was closed) and then to mcdonalds..came back, cleaned my room, and talked on the phone like 80 million times.  then later jason came over and played my bratz board game and we made fun of me on the audio adrenaline dvd.. and then we went to lisa’s..it was me, jason, lisa, chad, val, billy, sara, jackie, dustin, josh, jme, and emily.. (haha i thought it was funny we all have xangas but josh) and man, i just had such a good time with everybody.  ludacris/coldplay, hillary duff and her stuff, slater, organs, music, laughing, cameras, and the likes.  i for some reason wish the night could’ve gone on forever..haha..’cause now i’m bored.  i think i’m gonna go to bed and try to catch up on my reading..i can’t find my Bible anywhere though.  it’s really bothering me.  maybe i’ll just go pray for my friends.  i have a lot of stuff on my list.  so yeah.  enough rambling. 

->hi, my name is brandon and “OOO WOW MOM, COW!”
listening to: further seems forever – how to start a fire


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