i stole this from the people’s court.

10. Bands/Artists You’ve Been Listening to Lately]
– switchfoot
– copeland
– further seems forever
– chris tomlin
– david crowder band
– blindside
– coldplay
– the juliana theory
– bleach
– the evan anthem

[09 Things You’re Looking Forward To]
– graduating
– summertime
– the weekend
– practice tomorrow night
– trans4m wednesday night
– getting everything sent to scholastics
– my nashville trip in july
– doing whatever it is God is leading me to do
– ummm how bout alive

[08 Things You Wear Daily]
– shoes
– socks
– undawears (haha)
– jeans
– shirts
– my watch
– a belt
– glasses..ahh not for long..i’m so sick of glasses. 

[07 Things That Annoy You]
– satan
– mean people
– obnoxious people
– rude people
– smoking
– cussing
– when people can’t control their hormones

[06 Things You Touch Every Day
– my glasses
– this mouse
– this keyboard
– the doorknob to my house and room
– my dog
– my pillow

[05 Things You Do Every Day]
– pray
– listen to music
– laugh
– play music
– talk to people

[04 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over]
– dumb and dumber
– a christmas story
– goonies
– peter pan. haha psyche

[03 People You’d Want to Spend More Time With]
– God
– every one of my friends
– my family  (yeah that’s a few more than three..oh well..i wish i could see everybody more than i do.)

[02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment]
– chris tomlin’s version of “take my life”
– “on legendary” by further seems forever

[01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With]
– my future wife


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