ya know who’s doin it
God is doin a nu thang

i wish i could find my tape of that.  hah.. trans4m was awesome tonight.  i seriously just loved it, and it felt so good to be able to lead worship and feel like my heart’s in the right spot again.  Jesus, thank You so much for picking me up.

annnnd then i went to taco bell, and that was fun.  i got a saber tooth cat in my kid’s meal and people had fun with it. and i laughed at people a lot.  and i have to finish a drawing now.  and i wish it was friday.  this weekend’s gearing up to be PHun with a capital PH. 

and this post is dumb. 

->hi, my name is brandon and let’s see if i can get 55 comments.  oh man that’d be fun. ………. do it.
listening to: number one gun


55 thoughts on “

  1. Brandon! You’re almost to 55, wow!  Ya know, I’ve been on break almost a month and I’ve hardly seen you!  I miss you, buddy!  Well, let me know if you can do something Friday or Saturday.  Maybe I’ll get to see you then!    Talk to you later, and good luck getting to #55!  Hahaha!  Bye bye!


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