oh dear Jesus, You complete me in ways i don’t understand.  i have such hope.  such love and warmth.. from not only You but the people around me.  my friends, my family, my church.  You’ve set me up in such an amazing life.  when i ran away, You  m a d e   i t   a   n e w   d a y .  you went after me, the lost sheep, picked me up and set me far higher than i was before.  my focus has been restored and i don’t ever want to fail You in any way.  You’ve told me time and time again that You’ve got big things planned for me..  in what way, i dont’ know.  when, no clue.  how, unknown.  but it’s coming, and i want to be ready.  these hands and feet.  this voice.  this life.  i give them to You. use them and bless them.  be with those i come in contact with.  be with the people i see daily.  be with those in my future.  be with that girl i will one day marry.  be with those people You will have me witness to at some point.  guide me and show me Your ways.  Lord, You are the author of my life and in all i do i pray that You’re pleased and proud.  “i lift my voice to worship You…take joy, my King, in what You hear.  may it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear.”  ahhh.  yay, God, you amaze me.  thank You. amen.


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  1. Hey! wow what a testimony..I’m tellin ya brando, sometimes you just blow me away….hey are you guys going to the praise and worship night (with consuming fire) and january the 17th?? I hope so…cause I haven’t seen you guys in forever and I miss you all sooooooo much! later gator!-Katir-


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