it’s been a good one.  (weekend that is..)  last night i went to josh’s and had a ton of fun playing taboo and outburst and watching dirty things in disney cartoons and laughing and being with people.  and yeah.. it was just funnnn.  today i went to church, then went to el campesino with jme, jd, jj, and jason (haha all j names but me), then went to jme’s, then to the village, where allison met us..and we saw jj and lisa and chad and josh p.. and then the mall, where we missed kt and megan, and then to jason’s where we started making a video for trans4m on wednesday.  then we went to church and finished it and met jexx and ate at this ice cream social thing we were having.  and yeah.  now i’m tried and i don’t want to go to school tomorrow.  and i hope this post made a little bit of sense.. i love my phriennnds.  bye.

->hi, my name is brandon and my feet never warm up. ahh.
listening to: the tv


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