mmmmm it’s almost friday finally.  this week’s been really good.  yesterday i took a college visit day from school and hung out with dustin all day at malone going to class and chapel and talking to admissions and was fun.  and burger king and target and his house and quonset hut and arbys..but yeah.  we found palm trees.  but i’m not gonna say where…bahahaa.   and yeah..then i met my sister and went to church.  we had a pretty small group ’cause of the snow but it was still awesome.  i felt way way sick too during it, but God still moved a ton and it was really cool.  He’s amazing. 

school was drawn out and stressful today.. but afterwards dustin came over.  he caught a mouse and ate its face off.. and then we watched homestar runner and went to surprise josh at school, but we missed his truck.  so we just met him at my church and we had practice and played acoustically..and it was fun.  and i think my stomach is about to implode because i havent eaten since 10am.  i think my parents are taking me to cracker barrell.  oh man, their food is so good.  then i’m going to the civic center to check out my stuff in the show at scholastics.  (you can all go see if you want.) 

and yeah.  tomorrow is the show, and i’m excited for that.  and a 3 day weekend!  yayyyy

also, if you guys could..please pray for me. since Christmas break i’ve had this weird thing where i get really naucious for like an hour..and it gets pretty bad.. and yeah, i don’t know what it is.  but pray that it goes away.  thanks..

->hi, my name is brandon and your head a splode.
listening to: david crowder band



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  1. yes the drawn out stressful think is ingenious… i think school shoult quit…. but if you went to cracker barell i hope you got lemonade… member on the way to atlanta me and mana and karson and kt and amber and lesie and alli got the lemonade… then we had to pee really bad and made all the vans stop to let us pee…. then the bathrooms were bad…. yeah fun times…. um… lemonade


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