hi.. i don’t want to go to school in 7 hours.  but oh well.  this long weekend didn’t seem very long.  but it was nice..

yesterday i went to church and led worship.. it was cool.  i was really nervous about it for some reason, but like.. the Spirit was definitely there, and i could see it through a lot of the congregation.  Satan was definitely trying to stop it though.. stuff in the sound system kept going crazy, and yeah.. it was a mess at times with static and stuff.. but for the most part, it just went really well.  the sermon was so cool.. and during the altar call i had to play like 10 verses of “take my life” and then for a long time after that..but it was cool.  lots of tears and Jesus.  yay..  then i went to wendy’s with jaymey, jason, zac, canary, and doodypants.. there were old ladies and BRIGHT coats and flags.. and then i went to jme’s and played with dolls.  (pictures soon hopefully..haha) ..then jaye picked us up and we went to visit d-r. ock at sam goody.  thenn i came home, went to church for this baked potato night thing..haha..and then jason, canary, and i met hammah and doodypants and saraloin and k.tia at borders, and we came to my house and watched dvds and played taboo.  then today i went to walmart with dustin.. then we met josh and had practice..and then we visited jaymey at work and then left a present on what we hoped was her car..’cause..yeah.  (Dstnjmswht: a fubu sock, mutilated barbie, and a love letter…thats enough to scare anyone) oh..we also SAW A POOP GNOME.  and i’ll end with that.

->hi, my name is brandon and goldfish crackers are amazing.
listening to: p.o.d – i dont like their new album. ah well. the songs phil keaggy plays on are good though..


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