studyhall makes me gay. haahaaa (happy gay, you sicko)

trans4m was amazing last night. ahh, God has totally just shown himself the past several weeks, at least to me, during the meetings and it’s been really cool. you should all check it out. then i went to fazolis and got caught in the middle of a violent spitball fight. i was canada so nobody shot me. mmm yeah.

i’m tired today. really really tired.

i also think that i have a curse…if you’re in a band, and i like your music, watch out.

five iron frenzy
the benjamin gate
further seems forever

bam bam bam they’re gone within a year. i can’t take this much longer.

->hi, my name is brandon and i wish jackson high school knew what a heater was.

listening to: nothing because this is a library and “IFYOUTALKYOUREOUTTAHEREBLAHBLAHBLAH”


11 thoughts on “

  1. wait….i thought that bleach was just struggling, because of the death of the drumber’s older bro …died in Iraq….i didn’t know they broke….oh noooooo……!


  2. neither does lake…we spent all of our money on pointless new stuff…but hey, how do you pronounce shkmadjadka…dit?  see, i need help..


  3. now that your offically cursed, carrie and I are making a list of bands that your never allowed to listen to again!!!!! lolps. that would be the pose u should call “I fell down the stairs” (not your senior pic.)—->>>>hahaha


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