hi.. the past few days have been really good.  it’s so nice to genuinely enjoy life and all that God does in it every second.  mmmmhmmmm.  thursday night i got a new coat.. it’s warm.  last night lisa and chad got me..and we picked up micah..and james..and went to meet josh and nate and val at fridays…and the roads were really bad but we finally got there.. but it was really crowded so we went to applebees.. and got there and realized we had no way to get ahold of val and that she was probably at fridays..so lisa and i hurried as fast as we could over there, and almost died. haha.. well.. kinda.  we were driving and randomly started going sideways..then went sideways the other way.. and i just kinda kept talking and lisa was like “umm..umm..got it.”  haha and we didn’t realize what happened really until afterwards, and it was funny, but nobody really seemed to appreciate that story.  and now that i just reread this, you probably don’t either. haha.. but aaaanyways, then we went to lisa’s and watched the family guy.  and i came home and fell asleep..woke up at 8 and went to church. 

today we had anortheast ohio student leader meeting (for church of God) and we planned some stuff for our retreat in a few weeks.. and then mike skupin (from survivor australia..he was the guy that burned his hands in the fire) talked to us for a while..and wow, he had such awesome stories…a lot of the things he said hit home like whoa.  he just talked a lot about persuing Christ…and that was just stuff i needed to hear.  i love feeling fed. then tonight we had a rally thing for young adults, and he spoke, and this band played..that made me laugh a lot at first, but the worship time was cool after mike spoke.  it was just good to be able to sit down in the back with my eyes closed and worship by myself, away from others.  i can’t even remember the last time i was able to do that and not have to worry about leading..or at least being up in front where everyone can see.  i didn’t realize how badly i needed it.  but yeah.  then doody and hammah and i went to pizza hut.  and here i am.  church is in the morning, and again, i get to go without having to worry about playing and i’m excited.  and tomorrow night we’re getting a big ice storm!!

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m falling asleep.
listening to: further seems forever


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  1. brandon i think that you really like doing surveys on xanga hehe  but yeah worship everywhere lately has been changing and i love it so much…it is so good.  i found myself just laughing sunday at church during praise and worship.  FREEDOM is good!!!  love you byes


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