guys, my half birthday was yesterday.  and i missed it. i MISSED it.



2 snowdays = happy happy brandon.

yesterday i went to see the butterfly effect with lisa/val/chad/josh/sara and i think i liked it.  lots of disturbing parts and funny parts that weren’t meant to be funny.. but i liked it. haha  then sara and lisa and i went to the mall.. saw courtney and fallon and jesi.. and then my mom called and made me come home.  today i’ve done nothing, and i’m not sure if i’m going to.  i hope so though.  ’cause i’m bored.  and filling out scholarship applications isn’t fun..

last night i had a dream that i was looking out my window.. and this aircraft flew out of nowhere from a distance.. and then it shot out this fireball bomb thing and my street caught on fire.  and we were under attack.. and so i ran and got the hose and put all the fire out.  and then it kept bombing my neighborhood and then moved on and was weird.  then i woke up. 

gJiEfRfEoMrYd: that was a good dream
gJiEfRfEoMrYd: you win a grammy

->hi, my name is brandon and i wanna go sled riding.
listening to: copeland


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  1. hahah…i had a dream like that once…except instead of someone bombing my neighborhood, there was a shoot out or something..okay, this is a random question and you’ll probably think im reaally weird for asking, but have you ever had a dream where you fly out one of your windows??  i’ve had that same dream like 6 or 7 times…alright i feel kinda dumb now..


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