nights like tonight i’m reminded that God constantly blesses me in so many ways.. trans4m was just fun.  we had a square dance, and His presence during worship was overwhelming to me.  that’s one of the greatest feelings ever.  sara and jessie came, and it was cool ahving them there.  then we went to taco bell.. saw dustin wreck his car into a snow/ice bank.. helped him dry off.. laughed a lot..reminisced on television.. saw/listened to maygunne show off her amazing talent that i had to miss.. talked about snow.. and the likes.  and sarahD and i heard pretty fly for a white guy on the radio on the way home.  man oh man. 

thinking of this break i’ve had from school this week was something i’ve needed so bad.  and it totally came out of nowhere.  and being with my friends tonight was so great.  thank You Jesus for putting the coolest people ever in my life.  i love you all.

ohhh and i get to see sarah saturday on her birthday!  i’ve seen her once in the past like 6 months. 

and dustin and josh and i are playing that night at the java house (basement of jackson friends church on portage and arlington) for whoever wants to come hear us and tell sarah happy birthday. 

it’s snowing really hard.. whoa, what if we got 4 snowdays..  i guess i better get to bed in case i have to get up in a few hours. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i don’t deserve how good i have it.
listening to: justin mcroberts

5 thoughts on “

  1. ew look i am still up!  what is wrong with me?!questionmarkquestionmarkj;aklfjd  blahhh.  haha and chances of a snowday seem slim for some reason.. but ah well.  trans-four-em was funnn!  have a thuperthursday :] 


  2. geek
    not really
    i was actually thinking “geek” after i saw the new profile picture. haha
    i feel sick. blllllllllah.
    i slept from 12:30am-10:45am. how amazing is that?
    this is a stoopid.dumb.weird post. sorry.


  3. o my gosh…i heard pretty fly for a white guy on the radio too coming home from cleveland..thats another thing for our sercret club.


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