i took some of the codes off..it loads a little faster again. 

today was so long.. yesterday was too.  i just need to catch up on sleep again or something.  last night me, val, lisa, jeremy, chad, and sara watched american idol at her house and it was so fun.  jeremy got a mullet for a few minutes.  and i made lisa’s car smell like dogpoop.  and i want to marry skat girl.  (haaa psyche) ..and yeah, that’s about it..

our retreat is this weekend..and man oh man i’m excited.  i love my youth group.  and this weekend it’ll be me, zac, jd, jj, jason, jessica, jessica, carrie, jme, hannah, and sarahD going from our church.. and it’ll be awesome for sure. 

things are awesome. God is wonderful.  i love my life.  all is grood.

Lord, fill me up. teach me. lead me. guide me. direct me. bless me. take me. break me. reveal to me. make me. use me.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m taking a nap now.
listening to: copeland

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  1. (in regards to the last note) just wandering, sorry for taken up your time although i believe some one who is a friend of yours is unnecisarely concerned about me – judging by their oh so kind note they left. none the less interesting journal and rock on, if writing music for jesus is your thing more power to you.


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