whooooo.  this week’s actually going really fast.  tomorrow’s like a friday.  ’cause i decided i’m not going in for half the day friday since i have to leave for wld earlier than i thought.  and yeah.  this weekend is going to be awesome.  if you’re not going, please lift the whole group up in prayer for some amazing things to happen.

tonight before trans4m, i felt really thrown together with the songs i picked, and was like “God, make these somehow go together.”  i don’t know why i felt so out of it, but i did.. usually towards the end of our worship block thing, i mix some parts of songs together and just kinda go with how i feel it should.  and i had picked out three songs.. and as i took parts and sang them..it was like like “whoa……”  not to sound dumb, but it was beautiful.  totally random but it went together so perfectly.  and yeah.  God is good.

taco bell was fun too..and so was trans4m. man oh man i love my friends, and i love that i get to see everyone as much as i do. 

ohhh and dustin informed me tonight that justin mcroberts is coming back to malone in a few weeks.  that makes me SO happy. man oh man.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m going to bed.
listening to: blindside


i want to fall in love with You…

               … because i could sing of Your love forever.

but i’ll bring You more than a song. 
for a song in itself is not what You have required.
              You search much  d e e p e r  within through the way things appear
              You’re looking into my heart.

                                    …it’s all about You, Jesus.



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