our retreat this weekend = whoa Jesus.

zac, j-me, hannah, jessica, jessica, carrie, jj, jason, jd, sarahD, and some junior high kids went from our group.  the trip was different in so many ways.. i had so many of my good friends with me.  this was my fifth and final year.  i was a student leader, and got to go out early and have some really cool opportunities to help out and learn a lot from mark shaner (our speaker) and stuff.  just looking back and thinking of 5 years ago..and 3 years ago.. and 2 years ago.. and last year.. and now.  i’ve changed so much.  i’ve grown so much.  the people around me have grown so much.  my youth group has gotten so much deeper into Christ.. i got to see so many friends that i’ve made over the years through other churches.  i played in the awesome snow mountains they have.. saw the frozen waterfalls.. went sledding..didn’t get injured.. and i dunno.  i was in tears during worship several times.  God spoke to me through mark so much.  i feel like i’m blabbing.  but ah.  this is the first year where i’ve come back and not felt like i’m on a spiritual high..only to be let down because i’m going back into my life.  i’m just ready to pick up where things left off and continue running, trying as best i can to stay in stride with Him and all that He’s doing with me.  i was excited to get back because of the things i’m so elated about.  so many opportunities.. so many things.  so many people that i love.  just..my entire life.  and every source of true joy, peace, love, etc. is coming from God and God alone.  i don’t deserve this.  but yet, here it is. 

                              You gave life to me
                                     You made me to be
              one who may run, to rise into Your love
the   g i f t   You’ve given me
                                beyond what i can see
            is a beauty that’s been sent from far above

                        Father, lift me off my feet
                         and teach me how to fly
as You call and the angels sing out loud           
                              h e r e  i  a m

                                          here i am to live for You.



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  1. yay, that is so awesome…. this weekend was so great.  So many things to take on to our lives.  And not just for a week or something, but forever.  and now i am babbling in your comment box haha.


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