yay for wednesdays.. they’re always fun.  i feel like i still have that weirdness lingering in the back of my mind, but i don’t know why.  but after school i planned the service for sunday morning.  then ventured to the mall and met me-j, saw john and tara and fallon, and then met omi and zac..ate food..and went to church.  we met with the abundant life youth group and had a thing out in kidron with ’em..it was funnn.  then we went to taco bell, and i got to see ktia and maygunne and joshy and nate and saraloin and leethuh and chad.. and that was fun too.  and here i am.  about to go to bed and read my letters from wld.. they’ll make me happy. 

i hope you’re having a good day.  tell me about it.  i love you all.

->hi, my name is brandon and i ate too many nachos throughout today.
listening to: passion worship – sacred revolution


{ be blessed. be loved. be lifted high.  be treasured here.  be glorified. i owe my life to You, my Lord. here i am.  knees to the earth, here i am. }


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