i’m gonna do a survey for valentines day…or something.  i got this from someone’s xanga..

name 4 bad habits you have:
1. being online
2. not sleeping
3. filling out surveys
4. procrastinating
name 4 things you wish you had:
1. another guitar
2. a nice keyboard
3. a job
4. a car
name 2 scents you love:
1. cookies baking
2. strawberries..mmm
name 4 things you love about your crush:
1. i
2. don’t really
3. have
4. one currently.
name 4 things you are thinking about:
1. what i should eat to stop my hunger
2. am i gonna be able to sing tomorrow and sunday with this cold?
3. fefe dobson makes me wanna punch her in the face
4. i need to go to bed
name 4 things you’ve done today:
1. slept in
2. ate at cracker barrell
3. went to val’s
4. watched the little mermaid
name the last 4 things you bought:
1. food
2. food
3. food
4. food
name 4 drinks you regularly drink:
1. water
2. sunny delight
3. apple juice
4. cherry coke

first grade teacher’s name: miss schaaf
last words you said: “goodnight”
last song you sang: “kiss the girl” from the little mermaid
last thing you laughed at: conan o’brien
last time you said ‘i love you’ and meant it: today
last time you cried: i guess a few nights ago during my time with God
what’s in your cd player right now? cool hand luke, number one gun, larue
what color socks are you wearing? white
what’s under your bed?  cds..my old keyboard..some art stuff
what time did you wake up today? 11:30
current taste? apple juice
current hair? cuh-razy
current clothes? black jeans, 70s nike t-shirt
current annoyance? my cold
current longing? summertime
current desktop picture? my brother and i when we were little with our pants pulled over our shoulders
current worry? my cold conflicting with my weekend
current hate? snot
current favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? hair?
last cd you bought: i don’t think i’ve gotten any since Christmas..when i got several
favorite place to be: here with my family or somewhere with friends or at church
least favorite place to be: school
time you wake up in the morning: 5:30ish on school days
if you could speak any language: umm..i dont know.. i think dutch sounds funny though
how old do you want to be when you get married: it doesnt matter..just not really old or anything
how many kids do you want: i dunno
where will you want to live: i guess we’ll see where God takes me
what do you want to do after college: whatever God wants me to do
how many people on your buddy list that you DONT know in person: um..not very many.. 5 or 6 i guess
favorite memory: being a little kid
what are you doing tonight: having fun with my single friends.

15. Favorite Animal: dogs
16. Favorite Sport: i dont know..bowling?
17. Favorite Color(s): red/navy/green
18. Favorite Friend/Friends: haha i don’t want to list my friends.
19. Favorite Online Friend/Friends: hahah i dont really have online friends anymore.
21. Favorite Song/Songs: every new day – five iron frenzy
22. Favorite movie quote: “HURRICANE A-COMIN.” -the little mermaid. haha
24. Favorite Store: berean or borders
25. Favorite Feeling: His presence
26. Favorite Shoe: navy ae ones
27. Favorite Scent: uhhhh….
28. Do you wear make-up?: yeah
31. In a girl/guy, do you want more personality or looks?: personalityyy.
32. What kind of personality do you like in a girl/boy? striving to live solely for God.  the rest is icing on the cake..but the ability to laugh at everything and like good music and be really really nice is good too.
33. Do you move fast or slow with a girl/guy?: hmm..it’d be slow for sure.
34. What is your idea of the perfect girl/guy?: i kindve already described that.
35. Would you ever ask a girl/boy out?: if i felt like i was supposed to
38. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes: depends

45. What is the first thing u notice about girls/boys?: their actions
46. Whens the last time u cried ?: already asked this
48. What do u want to be whenu grow up?: something with music/ministry/art.. unless God throws a curveball at me
49. Do u sleep w/ stuffed animals?: not anymore
50. Do you want children?: yeah
52: How “far” have you gotten?: haha..probably less than any of you reading this.
53: Do you like someone right now? nah
54: Do they know?: nah

1: Do you have a best friend?: yes..several actually
2: Whos is your best friend?: i’ll go with dustin because he’s on the phone right now..
3: Who do you e-mail the most?: i dont email friends much really anymore
4: Who is the meanest?:  i’m not really friends with mean people
5: Who’s the loudest?: sarah d

Within the last 24 hours, have you
1: Had a serious talk?: yep
2. Hugged someone?: yep
3: Get along well with your parents?: yes
4: Fought with a friend?: nope
5. Kissed someone? nope..but i watched people kiss on tv just now.
6. written a letter😕 yes
7. told someone you loved them? yes
8. cried? nah
9 saw a movie😕 yes
10. used the phone? yes

—oookay i took a huge break.  but i’m back.

Do you like to
1: Give hugs?: yep.. just not to hoes. (haha hannah)
2: Give back rubs?: mmm..i like when they’re given?
3: Take walks in the rain?: if i’m not wearing my glasses..and it’s warm.
4: You ever have that falling dream?: oh man.  when i was little it was a constant.. and one time i had it, i ended up on the floor.
5: What color is your floor/carpet in your room? i have a wooden floor.
6: When you chew gum, what kind?: i don’t like gum..
7: Do you use chapstick? nope.. i heard it makes your lips worse or something.
8: How do you plan on spending the summer?: i wanna go on trips.  i have to get a job though.. but i’m going to alive.  and i’m graduating.  and i’m going to nashville.  and hopefully helping out with the youth choir.  and i wanna go on a senior trip.  but i have to get a job.  and yeah we’ll see.  and i’ll turn the big 1-9.

Did You Ever
1. Drink?: never
2. Smoke?: never
3. Do other drugs?: no.
4. Have sex?:  no.
5. Make Out?:  no.
6. Go on a date?: not officially
8. Go to the movies?: haha yes
9. Go to the mall?: no never.  (jaykay)
10. Eaten an entire box of Oreos?:  nope
11  Eatin sushi?: nope
12. Been on stage?: many a time
13. Been dumped?: nope
14. Had someone be unfaithful to you?: probably
15. Watched the smurfs?: yes..i used to love them
16. Hiked a mountain? yes
17. Made homemade cookies?: yes
18. Been in love?: mm..other than with God, no
19. Seen the White House?: nope

More Stuff
1. Are you popular?: oh boy. watch out. 
2. Are you cute?: cute as a baby’s butt.  haahah
3. Do you have your own phone line?: nope
4. What is your fav word to say?: poop.  well maybe not..
5. What is your fav phrase to say? “aw that makes me gay.”  haha or maybe not again

Right now
1. What time is it? : 7:17pm
2. What are you doing?: filling out a survey and waiting for sara to call so i can meet people.
3. What are you wearing? jeans.. a fif hoodie..and my jacket
4.What color are your nails?: my skin is skin colored. haha


the end.

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