it’s been a good weekend.  nothing spectacular, but good.  friday, i was supposed to go to winterjam with jess s/canary/zac/jj, but it ended up not working out.. and then i went to val’s and watched the mighty wind and the little mermaid with her, lisa, josh, nate, chad, and sara.. ahh i missed the little mermaid. 

saturday i was at church all day practicing for this morning.. then i went out to eat with my parents, and then hung out with sara and ktia and nate.. and it was funnnn.   (see this for pictures because sara is a digital camera machine)

annnd today was church.  oh man, one of the best services in a while.  there are SO many new people that it’s insane.  and our sanctuary was packed out.. and i led worship and it went well and yay for Jesus.  then i went to fazoli’s with jess/jess/carrie/jason/jme.. then came home and slept for a while and watched tv.. then went to see elf with jason and hammah and doody and omi and zac. i laughed..a lottt.  it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been ’cause i already knew all the funny parts by heart by the entire world saying them. haha but it was still funny.  and then we went to perkins and i devoured a big plate of fries and a big bowl of bread.. and now i think i’m going to explode from all the starch.  eeeep.

tomorrow’s president’s day.   i think i’m hanging out with dustin and stuff.  so yay for no school.  and now i’m bored.  i need to go find something to do.

->hi, my name is brandon and i like 3 day weekends.
listening to: some band on mtv that stinks like poop.


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