mikkele told me this story and i found it really really funny.. so maybe you will too.

FIFRocks25: i went to this church yesterday
FIFRocks25: and they had a special jazzz group come in and lead worship
FIFRocks25: and musically they were really good
FIFRocks25: but when they spoke
FIFRocks25: or sang
FIFRocks25: the words that came out were terrible and made no sense
FIFRocks25: they told these long pointless stories
FIFRocks25: and then at the end the guy was just like
FIFRocks25: “now think about that….. think. about. that.”
FIFRocks25: it didnt even make sense
FIFRocks25: and then he wrote all the words to the music
FIFRocks25: he wrote a chant
FIFRocks25: and it just went
FIFRocks25: “God is still speaking speaking speaking… God is still speaking in a whisper or a shout!”
FIFRocks25: over and over again
FIFRocks25: and then they told a story about a famous guy and his wife and how when she died she left him a note that said “never put a period where God has placed a comma”
FIFRocks25: and he then went on to be in this movie
FIFRocks25: and itwas a raunchy movie
FIFRocks25: haha
FIFRocks25: and then they sang a song about that phraise
FIFRocks25: it was about a yiddish guy
FIFRocks25: and it honestly made NO SENSE
FIFRocks25: and we all just sat there and stared at him
FIFRocks25: and then they sang a song with these lyrics “never place a period, where God has placed a comma…… don’t do it!”
FIFRocks25: and we repeated that a few times
FIFRocks25: and then the verse went “celebrate! elevate! co-creat! just can’t wait!”
FIFRocks25: co-create
FIFRocks25: what does that even mean?
FIFRocks25: i mean
FIFRocks25: all those words together make no sense
FIFRocks25: and then they lead some liturgical prayers
FIFRocks25: and they went like “from aardvark to atom… from zebra to zeppetamian” ….i dont even know




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