okay so.. tuesday.. you all need to run as fast as you can and get the new blindside album.  it’s stinkin amazing.  (thanks again evan..)

tomorrow is church.
saturday i’m playing for believe 2004.
tuesday i get to see justin mcroberts.
next saturday i get to see david crowder.
the next friday i get to see mewithoutyou, anberlin, watashi wa, and emery.

yay for that. and that and that and that.

hey..if you’re a girl and you plan on going to a prom…i highly recommend this hair style.

haha okay bye.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m tired.
listening to: blindside


9 thoughts on “

    you shouldn’t get it early. thats not fair. *I* should get it early.
    im so used to seeing your thing on the right side… it threw me off to see it stay on the left.


  2. wow brandon, that’s way cool (the hair style, not that you get to play at believe 2004…sike!)  haha, anyway, let me know how that goes…and the concert….i’ve been thinking about going to the one down here at Bogarts…wootwoot…haha
    later yo


  3. Brandon got that awesome hairstyle from ME!  Actually, I did tell him about it, but if you click HERE, you’ll go to the website…  I also recommend THIS hairstyle (it’s my second favorite, the one I’ll go with if my hairstylist refuses to do the one in Brandon’s profile, haha).  I hope these hairstyles are helpful to all you girls going to prom!  Haha, Brandon, I think we are officially losers!    j/k 


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