me and health aren’t getting along very well today. i thought i was better..but nope.. voice is gross, lots of snot, hacking. the works. oh well. pray i’m better soon..

church was good last night..i felt a little out of it leading worship while i was a big ball of snot, but that’s aright. taco bell was fun too.. after a while everyone left and me and sara and josh and emily stayed and sang. and then i came home and fell asleep.

today’s going really slowly. i was supposed to do stuff tonight, but now i’m not. oh well though..i need to rest i guess.

um…..this post is a whole bunch of nothin. sorry bout that.

umm…you tell me what you think that is. haha

->hi, my name is brandon and i need to blow my nose.
listening to: the bell ringing..ahhh time to go


7 thoughts on “

  1. youre insane
    maybe if you slept more often than just 3 hours a night you wouldn’t be sick all the time
    youre such a sickly child
    hah im sorry im a jerk
    i like to eat eat eat apples and bananas


  2. he’s actually 4’2″ and he got a hand me down shirt from your mom that you used to wear and it wouldn’t shrink.
    GET HEALTHY!!!!!!!!  (woah, so i saw Mr. Body on tv the other day…remember that guy? with his insides on that tight outfit he wore? that was sorta gross, but i loved that show.  i didn’t remember how corny it really was. anyyywayyy.)


  3. o the joy of a creepy man in black with wicked long arms…it must be love.brandy poo poo face. i get out of the all arts fest at 7…maybe baby i can see you do yer thang. yay. go guitar kid that gets paid to play musik.-larryPS. NOOOOO TALKING THIS IS A LIBRARY. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND TO EVEN THINKI ABOUT TALKING??? TAKE OUT YOUR TONGUE ITS WORTHLESS HERE!!!!!


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