i just slept for 4 hours.  it felt nice.. 

church was so good yet again today.. i had to fill in for my sister in the worship band, so i showed up and tried to figure out what i was supposed to play..but it went fine.  it’s so awesome how God uses my pastor week after week to speak to me.  this is just one analogy he used today, but it stuck in my head for some reason..

we as Christians are driving the salt trucks in this world. (salt of the world) most of our time is spent being stuck in all the mud in our lives.  but it’s time to kick it into gear and get going on the routes God has layed out for us to spread that salt.

yesterday. l o n g  day.  stressful day.  fun day.  good day.  all in one..

woke up at 8:30. realized the day i had ahead of me and went back to sleep til 9:30. jumped out of bed, showered, wrote my artist statement, lost it when my computer froze, and again, and again, and then gathered all my stuff for my display.  i got to school finally. ran all over the place setting it up. got done after a few hours. raced home. got my stuff. went to the church. tried to figure out what to play with dustin. then went and chik fil-a [j-me: this chicken is GOOOOD (for the ninth time haha)].  came back. practiced. had sound check. hung out for a while. tried to learn the worm. ouch. we played. it went well. i messed up a ton but nobody noticed.  it was just fun. then had to race back over to school to clean all my stuff up.  then went home.  then went back to the church to help clean up.  and here i am.  man oh man.

but yeah, it was cool to be able to be on a platform and make music for Jesus once again.  i’m so thankful for everything He’s doing. 

aw friday night was good too.  i got to hang out with josh and it was really fun.. and then we met up with kt and lisa and val and i had yet another time of my life.

it was just good getting to be around everyone that i was this weekend.  i love you all.

(me and dustin playing last night ^ )

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m happy.
listening to: beyonce.. haha she’s on tv.


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  1. yay sunday was awesome, pastor scott is the best!!!! and u used my picture yay haha it’s my favorite, besides your pirate face lol. goodluck with that secret thursday thing too.


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