exciting things for today:

-justin mcrobert’s stoopid cam (www.justinmcroberts.com), click on photos
-justin mcroberts is playing tonight
-david crowder saturday
-finding out that ace troubleshooter and dead poetic are playing with mewithout you and anberlin and emery and watashi wa
-knowing i get to see switchfoot and copeland in april
-the blindside cd is out today
-the passion comes out tomorrow
-thursday or saturday i’m getting something i’ve waited years for
-church is tomorrow night.
-further seems forever found a new singer. i hope he’s good.
-my day is going fast
-i’m not tired at allll
-the bell is going to ring. eep.

leave me things about your excitement.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Switchfoot is playing in April?!?!?!?! oh my goodness and I didn’t even know…ahhhh!!   so brando…whats going on thursday (or saturday) you definitely got me curious! haha later gator!-Katir-


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