. i ‘ v e f o r g o t t e n j u s t h o w s w e e t Y o u r m e r c i e s a r e , L o r d .

last night = whoa. haha.. yesterday after school i went and got the blindside cd with val and it is amazing. i’m telling you, go get it . 8 bucks at best buy. then later dustin came over.. we made a new song and went to meet josh and pick up dustin’s cd at chris’s.. and then went to wendys..where a lady had seizures and collapsed and josh called 911.. and then went to malone to watch justin mcroberts. hannah and jd and kelley and nate and my sister met us there.. and so yeah. for those of you who haven’t gotten to watch justin mcroberts live, you’re missing out. his music is amazing…the things he has to say are amazing..and his stories are amazingly hilarious. i’m always teared up from the constant laughing and then being moved by God and laughing again and being moved again. ahh. some things God gave him to say were so badly what i needed to hear. so yeah.. it was a good day. and tonight is church.. so yay for that.

like i said in my last post.. i’m so excited for so many things going on right now and in the future. i think i’m gonna wet myself.

->hi, my name is brandon and life is nice.
listening to: library chaos


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