i wish my xanga looked normal on school computers…..oh well.

i think i want a new xanga name. but i dont know what i’d make it. and i’ve had this one since..a long time ago. so yeah. i don’t know. i’m bored and i wanna leave. it’s weird to think i’ll be done with jackson schools forever in less than 3 months after being here for 13 years…plus 3 years of preschool. w00t. i’m excited for this weekend. i wish i could listen to music..

nothing to write nothing to do blabbity blahdy blah

leave me comments and amuse me.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m bored like no other.

listening to: people talk….

6 thoughts on “

  1. i’ll tap the break while you crack the window

    so spring break is soon. which means spring break will end soon. which means karisa will have her car soon.
    and we both know what that means.


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