[ You’ve been faithful in my weakness, Father, Your love overwhelms my soul. i’m learning to need You. ]

yayyyy last night was so much fun.  the surprise party went exactly as planned and we got k.tia perfectly.

haha my mom’s playing piano and my dog howls at the piano.. and she’s playing “potters hand” (a worship song) and my dog’s howling was definitely almost on melody.  man oh man.

but yeah last night was fun.. we (me, sara, jd, megan, hannah, val, chad, lisa, micah, tasha, josh, josh, luke, shawn, aaron) met at megans and hannah and jd went over and gave her some presents..and one was a doorknob, and so she went to the door and we were all waiting and surprised kt at her door.. and we gave her presents and played games and told stories and ate food and played and worshipped Jesus.  i got to meet tasha and josh and luke and i love them all..and i don’t feel like i just met them yesterday.  but yay.. it was just fun.  see sara’s xanga for pictures..haha and don’t be alarmed by the ones with me in them.

today i went to church to help make pizzas (but got there late) and watched some of our kid’s basketball league ’cause it was the last week.  and i hung out with jess and carrie and andrea and zac and jessica and hannah and jd.  and tonight’s the david crowder band show.. i’m exciteddddd.  i eat up nights like tonight where i can just go soak up God and not have to worry about leading (don’t get me wrong, leading is the best..but it’s important to have nights like tonight too.)  so yeah.  yayyyayay.  its almost time to go.

God has put the most amazing friends in my life.  i’m not even kidding.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m drinking sunny delight.
listening to: jump5. haha just kidding



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