today was mondo.  haha i just said mondo. 

school went fast.. i wasn’t tired. good stuff.

after school was relaxing..

jessica stopped by..

i ate spaghetti..

then i went to lisa’s house and val and sara and josh and chad came and we watched american idol and full house and the cosby show, and i sat and laughed for three hours.  haha it was so fun.  and we decided we’re gonna make videos of our favorite tv shows and we’re all gonna have a character and we’re gonna be awesome.  i always got stuck with the geeks (danny tanner..steve urkel.. minkus..screech..etc) ..but i’ll be the coolest nerds this world’s ever seen.  and we’re gonna start a Bible study that we’ll have every week and we’ll have worship and read the Bible and share prayer requests and stuff.. and yay.  and tomorrrrow we get to practice again, and that makes me warm and fuzzy.  and i just realized how weird i actually sound in this post.  soooo i’m gonna stop.


->hi, my name is brandon and smiles are becoming a constant.
listening to: switchfoot – let that be enough


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