yay for thursdays

i saw the passion last night…it was overwhelming to say the least i guess.. but being able to have a visual like that to something so great none of us can comprehend, even through that movie, was really cool. being the wuss that i am.. the talk of the violence had me pretty nervous, but it ended up not bothering me at all. like as far as feeling like i wanted to puke. every ounce of beating they showed Jesus take, all i could do was realize it was for and because of me. and when the movie ended and showed Jesus walking from that tomb smiling.. ahhh. totally full of joy and thanksgiving and praise. it was weird.. everyone around was just somber and sobbing, which is totally understandable, i guess i was just affected differently. i wanted to get up and run around singing praises. so yeah. that was my experience. i don’t wanna see it again, at least for a while. i think it’d lose its effect if i watched it too much. a lot of it already was because i had seen so many clips and stuff.. so yeah.. anyways..

i’m in the library. tonight is trans4m to talk about the movie.. you should all come.

this week’s been busy.. so was last week. and so is next week. but i like it this way. i need a job though. i don’t know when to fit it in.. but i need one. badly. it was so good to practice again.. it was so good to do things at church.. it’s so good to be with my friends.. it’s so exciting that we’re starting a Bible study.. it’s so good knowing i have a loving Savior who is by my side every second of my life. yay

i just realized i’m really hungry.

lunch –> 5 minutes. mmm.

okay bye

->hi, my name is brandon and i less than three you.

listening to: my stomach growling


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  1. ahh brandon!!! i felt totally the same, like at the end i was just thinking…booya devil. and smiiiling. gah it was so amazing what He did and yeah it just made me so thankful for His love and so happy for how great He truly is. yay for Jesus!!!!!!!!


  2. i am sitting here in my 1st period computer class. I am too far ahead so i have to find something to do for a few days.feel special, i decided to comment on your site


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