xanga, you’ve come back to me!

^ -the words of a pathetic boy

sooo this week was a big whirlwind of a lot.  but it was good.  thursday night we had trans4m since we saw the passion wednesday.. and for me, it was realllly cool.  for some reason we had a really small group, only about 10 kids (if that), but i know God had it that way for some reason.  josh called and said he was coming, so i asked him to play with me, and it was cool. i love just being able to fill our youth room up with praises..and that night it just seemed different, but in such a good way.  and it’s always fun playing with josh.  so yeah.  then we went to taco bell and i didn’t get sick (unlike jess and carrie and sara….frabbbb)..

then friday at school was madness.  after 3 hours of sleep, i spent the entire day in the art department, getting my stuff ready for governors art awards by the end of the day.  i just went to my classes and told them i had to leave.. and yeah, i got it all done just on time, but it was crazy.  then i came home and collapsed on the living room floor until i had to get up to go to the showwww.

i went to the tooth and nail tour in cleveland with several cool kids, and it was a good show.  i just got extremely exhausted from the week..but it was fun.  dead poetic was sooo good.  emery was everything i had hoped for and more..haha.. watashi wa was happy but corny and the singer was awkward and had the worst filler things between songs.  haha  (my favorite.. “hey, this song’s about taking pictures.   it’s called photographs.”)  i loved anberlin, but the singer looked like conan obrien in girl pants and did really awkward sideways dance moves.  haha but i like that band a lot.  and then mewithout you… at first i was like “whhhhat the heck” and wondered what was wrong with that guy.. but as it went on i was just kind’ve in a daze and i really liked it.  i ate a lot of fast food too. josh, kt, and megan, i was with you in spirit. haha

kt and megan left me a nice little present in my driveway. yayyy thankyouguys! (yes, i know that makes it sound like they pooped in my driveway….and that i enjoyed it. bahaha)

and today i had a leadership meeting and went to our church’s basketball league awards for my little cousins and it’s my moms birthday and my sister-in-law and brother just got here and i havent seen them since january so i have to go and this is a runon sentence. bye!


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