me: “oh how i wish i could play downtown today!”
(so me and jason and jd did..and took pictures)

jason’s pretty outfit
the streets were all empty and sad

 rest in peace…haha frabbb
 jd before he broke his leg.. haha ok maybe not
crazy sexy cool
look look look!
one way streets make me nervous

stoop kids
  | the end |


6 thoughts on “

  1. hahah the one where you are running behind the pillar, it looks like you are some alien or something and we just caught you on camera….
    you are a theif! give me back my shoes


  2. dude man….great pix…..and um….dude if your reading this that means your not as bored as you wre….or more so…i dunno but like if i keep saying stuff and you keep reading it then thats means you are doing somthing and thats your not bored and also that means im doing somthing too and im not as bored either….so like i just cant stop talking…lalala….um….dont…know…of..more..stuff….to……say…
    ……………………………….well ok GB bye..


  3. Hey Brando!  Neat pictures!  You are gonna have to tell me how I can post some totally cool pics on my xanga!  Have you ever seen that one episode of “Hey Arnold!” where they’re all chanting, “Stoop kid’s gonna leave his stoop!”  Haha, good times, good times.  Ya gotta love cartoons! 


  4. brandon!!! the “look look look” picture where we’re looking down the cooridor and see you walking across is sooo scary cause it reminds me of “signs” when you see the alien walk by on the tv. ooh, that creeps me. you creep me…in a good way.


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