happy wednesday/thursday eve!

it’s been a good week so far.. and i think the rest is lookin’ up too.

yesterday was weird for reasons unknown.. but i was happy when dustin came over, and then later i went to a township meeting with val for government and we passed notes and giggled like little girls throughout the whole thing.  haaaha it was fun.  and that was that.

today school was good.. i found out i only have to do three more pieces and my portfolio will be finished.  (compared to the 8 or 10 that everyone else seems to have to do) ..so that’s a huge relief and blessing that i can relax for the remainder of the year and enjoy things.

then josh picked me up.. we went to borders and the mall to play nintendo games.. saw emily.. then went to chris’s so he could do vocals for spitting onions stuff.. then dustin showed up.. and we went back to the mall, ate, played more nintendo, and helped dustin pick out a tuxedo.. and then we went to his church, and i saw lisa and tasha, and then i came home. 

 i just realized i did none of my homework. looks like i’m going in early tomorrow. ohhhh well.

tomorrow is church. you should all come.

thursday is frab on satan BS. (bible study)

thursday i do something i’ve been waiting years for.

sunday i lead worship for the service.

this weekend needs to have a board game party.  badly.

->hi, my name is brandon and i learned i’ve been cheating at duck hunt for my entire life.
listening to: blindside




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