You are so good to me.

trans4m tonight…man.  i felt so sick before it started and my mind was so all over the place.  but i was still excited for what God was about to do.  i didn’t know why, but i felt like He was going to do things.  it wasn’t like one of those nights where i’m just left in awe, but something about tonight was so comforting, at least to me.  our numbers were back up a little bit, which was cool, and megan and susan finally came, and i dunno.. everything about it was just so good.  and we went for almost 2 hours.  and i don’t want to ramble anymore.  but it’s so good to know you’re being used by the creator of the universe.  even for the littlest things, it’s so overwhelming.  i can’t describe it.  but yay.

and after being with some of the coolest kids on the planet i headed to taco bell with jason to see some more of the coolest kids on the planet. i lovvvveveveve my friends.  and i get to see more tomorrow night.  frab on satan b.s. begins.  yayyyyay.

and i think we’re practicing or something..?

and i’m taking a test.  pray for me pleeeease..

okay bedtime.  i dont have time for sleep anymore.

->hi, my name is brandon and i can’t stop yawning or smiling.
listening to: emery


5 thoughts on “

  1. let the rain fall down and wake my dreams let it wash away my sanity cause i wanna see the thunder i wanna sing let the rain fall down im coming clean…iiiii”’mmmm coming clean (let the rain fall) iiii’m coming clean…..


  2. yay! me and bonnie were talking about “the little things” the other day…. its just so amazing how God can totally have this huge enormosity (yeah thats right) plan for everyone and then he even takes care of the little details and it never ceases to amaze me.

    im sad that we have to talk about this over xanga.
    brandon i miss you. =(


  3. Lord Father creator SAVIOR. God is great.
    Thankyou Lord for giving us the feeling of love.
    I raise my hands. Lord I pray for the Mouths of our nation.
    To lift them up in a cry… of firey LOVE for you..
    In silent. awe.. Let!!! MY TEARS FAll!!!!


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