so how about that yesterday…

it was grood. i mean great. great and good.

after school i gained a driver’s license and then met dustin and jeremy at my church..and then we went to chad’s where i got to watch one of my favorite saved by the bell episodes (jessie’s song.. hahaa) and then we had our first frab on satan Bible study. in attendance were me, josh, tasha, sara, jd, dustin, chad, lisa, jeremy, and josh p.. ohmuhgoodness i’ve needed this for so long. i’m excited. if you want to be a part of it, then make sure you’re there next time. wow. so so good. soooooososogood.

i think i’m struggling with a confidence in God’s works or something. i don’t know. God is doing amazing things. i need to let go of whatever i’m feeling and let Him take over and learn to stand firm in my trust. keep me in your prayers if you could.

hey for those of you i was talking to last night when i randomly disappeared..sorry bout that.  my internet decided to stop working.  ohhh well.

it’s FRIDAY. whoa i just realized. let’s make this a good weekend. cobbish?



uncle jessie help!

->hi, my name is brandon and i want gloves for my fingers that are going numb.
listening to: this cool song that’s in my head…..

               [ put your mind to it, go for it
                   you’re gonna break a sweat!
                               rock and roll
       y o u u u u   a i n ‘ t   s e e n   n o t h i n ‘   y e t ]

the end


10 thoughts on “

  1. Hi BrandonI comment on peoples xangas when i’m at school too… instead of doing work.You look so smart in your picture, like you are thinking about your next move in checkers hahaha.


  2. Yay!  Congrats on the license!!!  All I have to say is, IT’S ABOUT TIME!  Hehe, j/k.  Anyway, I also believe that the spelling is “capiche” even though I am not Italian.  I liked your first spelling of it though…  Cobbish…  Haha, COBBISH.  What is that?  Just kidding, once again.  Talk to you later; it was good running into you!!!


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