i’m starring in two short silent films. now playing in sara’s xanga.

my friends = the coolest kids on the planet. im not kidding.

friday i went to the mall with 15 others.  yeah i know.  then we went to lisa’s and told scary stories and watched puff the magic dragon and took still picture-movies and played games. 

thennn on saturday i went to church for a little bit, did some scholarship stuff, went to josh’s later with sara and tasha (then val came.. then hannah and jd.. then lisa.. then chad and nate.), played taboo and my other new favorite game encore for hours, and had a lot of phun.  yeah, phun.  ’cause that’s more than just fun. 

today i led worship in church, it went really well..we’ve started a Bible study in sunday school over the gospels too.. and i’ve been wanting that for a while. then i went to the mall with jason and jd and me-j and savannah.. and i randomly ran into allison in the parking lot, and that was weird ’cause i haven’t seen her in a few decades (or months). i ate sbarro and got a free britney spears cd with my pizza.  and i played duck hunt and pacman and hogans alley at emily’s workplace.  and i saw some of the most chaotic hairstyles to ever grace my presence.  they deserved some kind of award.

annnnd yeah, this post isn’t very good.  i have to read frankenstein today.

but… i love my friends.

that’s all for now.

->hi, my name is brandon and i want summmmmmmmerrrrrrrrrrr.
listening to: blindside


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