happy snowday, kids……….so i went to bed around 2:30am, counting on the snowday.  haha i predicted right. 

i woke up at 11, thinking it was saturday, then remembering…and it was nice.  then i realized that i might not be able to do any of the things today i needed/wanted/planned on doing.  so yeah.  then i realized our cable and internet was out (theyre both from the same service).. and so i had nothing to do but play nintendo all day long.  which was good. 

i took a shower and josh called to see if i wanted to come play in the snow.  as i filled up with joy, it was soon crushed when my mom informed me i wasn’t leaving on the bad roads.  so i went back to playing nintendo. 

 i seriously forgot how hard super mario 2 was.  man oh mannn. 

later lisa called to see if i wanted to still go, but still no luck.  i want to practice tonight, but it’s not looking good.. my youth council meeting got cancelled, my township meetings for government got cancelled, annnnd now the tv is back.  switchfoot’s on ryan seacrest’s show right now..ohhh how i love that band. they seem like theyre half asleep though.  yikes.  i just reread this post and it gave me a headache.  i think i should stop.  i’ve been on the phone with dustin while l tried to write this, so maybe it’s good for multitasking.  i think i’m gonna build a snowman.

->hi, my name is brandon and i like not having school.
listening to: the tv



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  1. i wish i had a snowday. but i didn’t. i went to bed at 12:30 and got up at 10. i’m fighting falling alseep still… weird. i read lots today.

    why am i telling you all this in my comment? i dunno.i love super mario.


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