“mannnn, i’m one of thoooose!”

that’s what i said as i got to school and realized it was st. patrick’s day. and i was wearing green.

oh well

the same thing happened to lisa.

maybe i should go pinch people or something and go for the full effect.

today is wednesday and that makes me gay.

->hi, my name is brandon and by gay i mean heterosexually happy.
listening to: nothingthisisalibrary



3 thoughts on “

  1. SHort but sweet my friend short, but sweet that was beautiful….my friend
    haha crap it is saint pattys day… im wearing green but im like actualy irish so I should be getting in my leprechaun outfit right about now….
    haha bye God bless… annnn yee nooo way git meee pot O gole…….d


  2. good thing you were wearing green because i woulda PINCHED YOU!!!!!!

    i’m wearing green today too. i had on one of bonnie’s ireland shirts but i changed because it was awfully short.
    now im wearing my shroom shirt and a button up shirt over it. i’m so irish. just like my roomie.


  3. by the way, i think it’s more than just the fact that its Wednesday that makes you gay.
    you should start a trend called “gay wednesday.” you could dress all stylish and in tight pants and a sparkly pink shirt or something EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY! kind of like when my friend Will did “dirty thursday” and he let anyone throw any nasty substance they wanted on his suit for school.
    the end.


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