eddddit: i am a zombie today. a happy zombie though. i don’t know.. but yeah. i fell asleep on top of all these notebooks and papers on my bed last night filling out scholarship applications.. and i woke up at 4 with my lamp shining down on me, my glasses all bent underneath me (i bent them back), and all the papers and spiral marks imprinted in my arms and face. ouch. so when i woke up again, i just finished my essays and got up for the day. i think i’ve fallen asleep in every class so far. but today is thursday and i’m alive and happy and Jesus working in me and i guess that’s all that matters.

i also realized that every time i’m online i just sit and read xangas. even at school. i guess i like you all too much. okay bye.


trans4m was good.  hannah sang with me and it was good. taco bell was good.  friends are better.  Jesus is best.

on the way home i took a really really long way and talked things over with God alone in silence.  it’s something i’ve needed to do for days now. so yay. 

tomorrow is f.o.s.b.s. and i’m very glad.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m falling asleep.
listening to: switchfoot

[ and i’m on fire burning at these mysteries. ]


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  1. iiijusjusjusjustkikikikikindkindanerrrvous
    hahaha.  aww happy zombie.. that gave me a really funny image.  and you will spiral marks all over you.  and your glasses all bent.  hahahah


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