.all that’s in my head is in Your hands.


i’d appreciate it if you guys could pray for me.  that’s all. 



this weekend was fun…i went to the mall lots of times for some reason. i didn’t buy anything but food. friday i picked up jeremy and met girls (sara/lisa/kt/megan) and we had fun going around the strip and mall because that’s all there is to do in this town. then saturday i got a haircut at val’s place of employment..then met jason and sarah and lisa and tasha at the mall.. i stayed there for about 3 hours.. and yeah. we met sara, went to wendys, got jeremy, and went to sara’s where val and megan and jd and hannah and jme and dustin came later on. wow i feel like i’m trying to make myself sound cool. i just like my friends, that’s all.

sundayyyy was church. good yet again. then we had a lunch thing for the youth with hot dogs and soup (eeew..it actually wasn’t bad though).. then i went to the mall with jexx and carrie, saw lisa and tasha, came home and slept, woke up, and went to the junior high night at church. it was so weird walking in and seeing tons of middle school kids dancing in a circle to rap music. i felt like i was at a skating party. thennnn i went to fazolis with my family and another family from our church. it was a good weekend. today is good too. i’m ready for warmth though.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m ready for warmth.


11 thoughts on “

  1. there’s also lazer quest and the movie theater……..but you could spend up to $20 at tinsletown and lazer quest is fun but also too much money…you could be like my sister and just go to friendly’s and steak ‘n’ shake a lot, ha-ha ^_^


  2. Well… Ha… its not peer pressure Im not going to pray
    for you cause all the cool kids are to… noooo… what.
    clyde mchotty… is going out with.. oh my gosh…. i need a boyfriend now to….
    man…. haha cyas dude Im praying for you sorry if that didnt make much sence there but God bless you buddy.


  3. Brandondondond.
    I got a doody call today and he told me that you said “4:30”. Did you mean 4:30 for us to practice before the actual practice, or do you just want me to come to the actual practice?
    heh. or better yet. do you just want me to show up at church at 4:30?
    also. is youthgroup starting at 6:15 or at 7?


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