yesterday dustin and i went on an adventure.

we traveled to lands far, far away.

we got attacked by this dog and then named her muffy.

we drove and drove.

we got bored.

dustin: “i have an idea!”

“no, dustin! don’t do it!”

dustin lit his face on fire. it smelled.

when he realized what he had done, he was sad.

we ended up in london…

…where we saw a short bus from new york.

and there he was.. Mr. Ihaveascaryface!


dustin got so scared that he climbed a tree and got stuck.

so i called the fire department to get him down.

then we went home and colored.

oscar ate markers.

i got disturbed by britney spears.

and oscar died from the markers. (until i brought him back to life)

t h e e n d .
then i went to the mall and met josh/tasha/sara/val/shawn/james/micah and then i picked up jeremy and went to me-j and jaye’s birthday party and had lotttttts of fun.

->hi, my name is brandon and i love you all.
listening to: bleach


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  1. Hey, you were listening to Bleach!  That rocks!  If you like Bleach, they will be in concert at Kentucky Christian College in Grayson Ky on Monday April 1st…and it’s only $5!!!  (so it’s only a 4 hour drive from Northeast Ohio!)  Let me know if you want more info…oh yeah, KCC is the college where Bleach formed, so it’s gonna be awesome!


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