springtime strikes my fancy like whoa.

so i felt really gross last night/this morning and decided to stay home and sleep.  but then i got up and stepped outside..and i felt perfectly good again.  it’s so pretty. aww.


                    [ b e a u t i f u l   d a y  
                                                     w o n d e r f u l   f e e l i n g . ]

so um.. how bout my weekend was much better than good.  yeah, it was.  thursday..f.o.s.b.s, fazolis, sara’s.  friday..adventures with dustin, mall, me-j/jaye’s party.  saturday..shopping, youth group pary.  sunday..leading worship, shopping, canton museum of art (where i got 2nd place in the student exhibit and a $300 scholarship! and even better.. there’s now scripture [in my painting] hanging in the museum..), isaiah’s surprise party, taco bell.  and here i am again.

hey..for those of you who i’ve grown close to, whether years, months, or days ago (you all know who you are)..thank you beyond words for being how cool and amazing you actually are.  i can’t believe what good, good people God has placed in my life.  i love you so so so so so much and appreciate all you do. yay.


Jesus, there You are and there You’ve been.  my vision was blurry but You’ve brought me back and met me here.  wowowowow i feel so good again.  here we go.  lead me. take me. move me. i’m ready. i love You. amen.

2 thoughts on “

  1. those pictures and sotry with dustin are hilarious.. and mr. IHaveAScaryFace… that made me almost pee in my pants. So… yea. thanks.. you get a gold start today for making me laugh. And OH I AM SO PROUD that you WON!!!! 2nd place… but thats cool… you should have beat Mike Helm and his wierdness. HAHA.. love youuu bran flake.


  2. i was sick today too and didnt go to school neither. o man we rock out. too bad we were sick and not able to pull a ferris bueller b/c it was so beatiful outside. bum deal. o well…see ya tomorrow kiddo.


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