the family matters song has been in my head since i got up. i don’t know why.

today’s going pretty fast.. i like it.
i was in the paper yesterday.
i have to be on our school’s tv show today. haha i’m gonna be dumb.
i’m really hungry.
i wish the weather was like it was on saturday and sunday.
the library’s reeeally quiet.
i’m hanging out with josh tonight.
i got 3 hours of sleep last night.
i’m making my resume in english class for graduation.. and i was told that i’m “everywhere at every time playing music or making art or helping people.” i think i’m proud of that.

okay time to do homework.. happy tuesday.


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  1. OHHHH lets play a lovely game of BUTTON BUTTON WHOS GOT THE BUTTON… (tweedle dum and tweedle dee)BLAH-DE-DAH!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHABABABAKJDSHFLKMSDJBNFLkjbndfglkjnlkdfnghkjn dzfjnsjldkhfgljnbdfghdf’gkjnlkjdfngh;lknfdghk dfgknjmnfghdfkgjnhlkjfnghkj lkjfghkln kg ,kgfhjliftyiuuepwofg kgjihtnhn lfgkjhy kfjgkh lkfjgholifty.kd lithjmf/exacitically. exactically. exactically. …….errr…hi brandon! : )


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