sorry i’m posting so much…i don’t have anything else to do.

AAge: 18
BBand at the moment: switchfoot or blindside
CCareer in future: something with music ministry and art
DDad’s name: rick
EEasiest person to talk to: family.. and those several friends who are constantly there to listen to me (thankyou)
FFavorite song at the moment: i wouldn’t call this my favorite..but there’s a song playing right now by larue that is giving me chills because it’s exactly how i’m feeling right now.  sorry, i don’t know the name of it. but it’s on their newest cd.
GGuy’s you’ve kissed: i used to kiss my dad and my brother when i was little.  that’s all.  haha
HHometown: canton, Ohio
IInstruments you play: guitar and piano
JJob title: student and friend.  i need a money-paying one though as soon as possible.
KKids: fifty.  hah what if i could say that for real one day.  yikes.
LLongest car ride ever: 27 hours in a bus to denver. yep.
MMom’s Name: jeannie
NNumber of people you’ve slept with: zero
OOldest Sibling: my brother-in-law (jonathan), 28
PPhobias: falling.. getting robbed or something at night.. needles..blood
QQuote you like: at the moment.. matthew 11:28-30
RRelationship that lasted the longest: if you mean boyfriend/girlfriend.. i’ve yet to experience it.
SSong at the moment: i’m getting deja vu ahhh
TTime you wake up: schooldays.. 5:45.. sundays..7:30-ish.. otherdays, whenever i wake up
UUnknown fact about me: it breaks my heart to break hearts.
Vegetable you hate: raw onions..aaack
WWorst habit: procrastination
XXrays you’ve had: i got my leg x-rayed when i got in a go-kart accident. hahaha
YYummy food: tacos
ZZodiac Sign: ~~~leo~~~!!!11oneone~~~

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