whoa it’s palm sunday and daylight savings time and it’s a blizzard outside. i’m so confused.

tonight was funnnnnnnn.. i finally felt better and got to get out of the house.  i met jaydee and saraloin and (ta)shabam and hammah at the mall.. ate food.. got high in bath and body works.. and then went to jd and nate’s play.. it made me laugh a lot.  and kellleleleleley met us there too.  then we all went to friendly’s and talked about frab and fribble and pooping on the floor and sang songs and ate flowers. mmm yeah.  then i sat in sara’s car with her and tasha and waited for josh2001…and that was that.

then…. the weirdest/funniest/most random thing everrrrr happened.

sara was taking me back to my car in the mall parking lot when we see this white thing hopping down the road in front of us.  and we were like “haha whoa what was that!?”  ..so we begin to follow it.  and follow it.  and follow it.  and it’s like this styrofoam thing or something and it just keeps rolling and hopping all throughout the mall parking lot as we’re chasing it and laughing our heads off.  and all of a sudden it stopped.  then we stopped beside it.  then it took off again.  (this is the weird part.)  when we begin to chase it again, all of a sudden it TURNS INTO A RABBIT right before our eyes and runs into the bushes.  no joke.  hahahaha i have not laughed so hard in a very very long time.  tears were shooting out and my stomach hurt for a really long time afterwards.  oh man.  i promise we weren’t on crack.

anyways.. tonight was fun.  i needed it.  i’m feeling really gross again though.  i hope i make it to church in the morning.

->hi, my name is brandon and i hope you’re okay.
listening to: larue


4 thoughts on “

  1. I am really okay.  Just a sadness i had to get out.  Thanks wembly. 
    we all live in a yellow submarine , a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, we all live in a yellow submarine.
    and the band begins to play
    yah da da da da da da da da da


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