let’s give monday a w00t w00t.

orrr not.

but it was fun.  school was good, and then i spent the afternoon with valuepack and jeremypants. got home and did a million things, and then picked up val and jeremy.. and we went to downtown canton so val could take pictures.. and we played in streets and elevators and hotels and skywalks.  oh how i love downtowns. and then we went to the art museum to look at our pieces.. and then the mall, where we wandered.. and that was that.  i love those kids like i love the sunshine.

then i went with my mom to applebees and i got the chicken fajita rollup.  oh mannn i bet they serve those in heaven.

then i watched school of rock again.  i don’t know why, but that movie makes me laugh until i cant laugh anymore from too much laughter.  mmmmm yeah.

and so how bout God has given me such a peace about everything.  i’m so excited for next year.  i’m so glad that God completely turned things upside down for me in the past year.  a year ago..i was dreading my senior year.  i just wanted it to pass so that i could get myself out of here to anderson.  then i began to pray for God to work in my life and take me to a place He wants.  and wow.  friends. and more friends.  and closer with friends.  i have the best friends ever ever ever.  friends that never cease to make me happy.  friends that put God in the center of everything.  the kind of friends that make me praise Jesus for being so good after seeing them every day.  and my family.  wowww.  they’ve been there since before i came into the picture.  and there’s no way i’d be who i am without them.  goodness i love them.  and my church has totally changed.  and i love it.  and i’m excited to keep doing things there.  and music.  the way i’ve grown.. the people God has put me with to play and glorify Him.  good things are to come.  good good things are to come.  and then there’s college.  i never wanted to go to malone.  but i found out i can do my three callings in one major while already having a ton of friends there that i know will be waiting for me.  there’s more.  but i’m sure you’ve had enough.  i hope you didn’t mind reading such a long post.  if you did, then go cry or something. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i love Jesus.
listening to: copeland


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  1. thanks for yesterday. i have a blast with you and jeremiah. ha. we need to do that sometime soon again. thanks for talking to me too. it was nice to let some things out. today, however, i need prayer.


  2. nice to know you’re a friend who has spent time getting to know someone well enough to the point where you can tell when something is wrong with that person..you’re one out of three (one of those being Jesus) that is able to tell when something is wrong with me without me actually saying something is wrong. and that gets to be kind of pathetic when you have enough friends to count on your fingers and toes and yet only your thumb, pointer, and middle finger take up how many really understand you, or better yet take time to understand you. okayyeahimdone.


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